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  Women and Photography 20th Century
  Women of the Colonies (a selection of CDVs)
Gael Newton AM Gael's Bio  |  Gael's articles, essays, papers Gael's Blog
research/ papers

List of papers, articles, essays and research documents - various links;
some also listed below (open to consider additional papers/ and relevant research links)


Papers by Robert Deane: including Eveleen Myers 1856 - 1937; Foreign Influences in Australian Photography; Photography in Serach of The Bible; Camera Work 1903-1917; Colour Photography in the Asia Pacific; and Photographs of France by Robert Deane.

Biographies Albert Brown, Australian photographer, foundation member of Group M
  George W Bell: Australian painter & photographer,  1920 - 2008
  GROUP M Moggs Creek Clickers, Australian photographers based in Melbourne 1959 – late 1960s
  Frank Hurley: James Francis Hurley photographer 1885 - 1962
  Shapoor Bhedwar  - the parsi pictorialist photographer (India, active 1890s - 1900s) 
  Charles Bayliss - Australian Photographer (1850-1897)
  Wesley Stacey:  Landscape of Virtue: The Life and Work of Photographer Wesley Stacey,
Ziv Cohen, Research Paper–June 2003

Developing Photography: A History of the Australian Centre for Photography1973-2013
Toby Meagher, Research Paper–June 2013


ROAD WORK AHEAD:  A study of road photography in Australia    Belinda Hungerford 2010

  Deeper Feeling, Wider Vision, a 1996 thesis by Philip Bentley on Group M photographers (Moggs Creek Clickers)

Oswald Ziegler and the commercial application of contemporary Australian Photography
in the mid Twentieth Century      Eric Riddler 1990

Oswald Zeigler: A page of illuatrations representing some of Zeigler's publications

  Wesley Stacey - a selection of photographs from Wesley's career
  Harold Cazneaux: Australian Photographer  1878-1953
  Camera Work 1903 - 1917   Robert Deane

Carol Jerrems  links to resources about Carol Jerrmes and her photography

  Max Dupain - a page with links to many resources on Max
  Townsend Duryea 1823 - 1888
  Sublime Souls & Symphonies, Australian PhotoTexts 1926–1966, Eric Riddler 1993
  Sydney Ure Smith: Australian publisher 1887 - 1949
  Curators & Photographers: first photography curators (Australian)
Jennie Boddington, Ian North, Gael Newton, Alan Davies
Books online A range of photo-books (some listed below):

Melbourne By Night:  published by Art In Australia Ltd - Sydney Ure Smith, in 1934.
Photographs by W.L. Lucke-Meyer - with text by Basil Burdett.

  A Book About Australian Women: This book was originally published in 1974 by Outback Press
whose permission was granted in 2015 for this online version
  Australian Pictorial Photography: published in 1979;
written by Gael Newton, then the Curator of Photography at the Art Gallery of New South Wales.
Albums Views of Sydney circa 1890s (a reproduced photographic album)

the BANKS album (this album has been sold)

Collections John Thompson ( a few photographs)
  August Sachtler (a few photographs)
  a link to several areas of interest (some repeated above)
  a couple of photography exhibitions
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