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James Francis Hurley 1885 - 1962




Welcome to a set of web pages about Frank Hurley.

The site is an eclectic mix of stuff collected over the years.

WE ARE SOON TO UPDATE THESE PAGES - hopefully later in 2017

Hurley is an interesting character. Lots has been written about certain aspects of his life and his adventures. We do not wish to duplicate all the war and antarctic stuff - leave that to others. We will mention it in passiing and show a few images.

We like photos and like what photographers do..  So naturally we like Hurley's enormous output of images, books, postcards and other stuff. 

We also enjoy his showmanship!  Seems he got up some peoples' noses and continues to do so. We also realise that there are lots of myths about things he did and a bit of over-the-top hero worhship being put about. Hopefully there is none of that crap here!

We are open to any of the information being used for research and like purposes. We request that you make contact if anything is to be used for other purposes. We like to share but like to be recognised ( even payment is nice) if a commercail use is to be  made of any of it.

click here for the story on Early Hurley: Frank Hurley - Sydney Photographer

and then use the menu at the top of this page for more on postcards and books etc


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