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James Francis Hurley 1885 - 1962

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Hurley the Sydney Photographer

Timeline for Frank Hurley's life

2018 Exhibition Frank Hurley: Photographer & Gardener  - at the Manly Art Gallery & Museum

About the exhibition     The Exhibition Brochure    A visit to the exhibition   /

The Exhibition Pamphlet  /  The Room Panels  

Postcards:   An introduction to Hurley's postcards with samples

Book: Photographs selected from The Australiana Books

NSW Book: a selection of photographs from the New South Wales: A Camera Study

Book: Sydney From The Sky

New South Wales images, including BHP & Steel, the Blue Mountains and regional NSW

Sydney: A Camera Study - photographs of Sydney and views of nearby areas

Sydney: A set of panoramas from Sydney: A Camera Study

Images from a booklet: New South Wales calling!

Images from a series of posters published by Caltex

Flowers: A selection of images from colour transparencies

Calender: 1960 calender featuring photographs of flowers of Australia

SOUTH with Endurance - 2001 Essay "The Picture Perfect - James Francis Hurley"

Train images, published in Lone Hand in 1911

Research notes of the Australasian Photo-Review (APR) magazine 1905 - 1911


early hurley images

Hurley and War

Papua & New Guinea





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