19th Century Australian Photographers


Photographers with linked information

American and Australasian Photographic Company

Charles Bayliss

Nicholas John Caire (1837 - 1918) Victoria

Townsend Duryea, Adelaide

E H Forster (w.1872 - 1888) Maryboroough, Queensland

Lawrence Frost (w. 1880s) Sydney

The Hanson Albums

Bernard Otto (B O) Holtermann (1838-1885)

J. P. Lind ( ) Melbourne

J. W. Lindt (1845—1926)

Captain Lucas  (first photo in Sydney 1841)

Beaufoy Merlin (1830-1873)

Poul Chritensen Poulsen, Brisbane (1857-1925)

John Sharkey (w, 1863-1888), the head of the NSW Photographic Branch of the Printing Office

Captain Sweet (1825-1886) in Adelaide (link to external site - very good!)

The Tanunda (South Australia) - Schroeder Album


photographers yet to be researched

(please note this is a shortish list - there are many more)


Charles (1824-1888) and Alfred Abbott (1838-1872) Hobart

Morton Allport (1830-1878) Tasmanian solicitor

Joseph Bischoff (w, 1874-1895) (Blue Mnts - Mammoth)

William Blackwood (1824-1897) Sydney

B.C. Boake (1838-1921)

Alfred Bock in Hobart

Mr Burman - official Victorian Government Photographer

George Burnell (1831-1894) SA

Alexander Brodie (w. 1867-1891) (Blue Mnts - Mammoth(?))

Désiré Charnay (1828-1915) Frenchman 1878

Thomas F. Chuck (c. 1844-1898) Melbourne

Samuel Clifford (1827-1890) Hobart

E.W. Cole (1832-1918) SA

Richard Daintree (1832-1878) and Antoine Fauchery (1823-1861)

Edward Dalton (w.1855-1864) Sydney

Augustine Dyer (w.1873-1923), NSW Printing Office

Dr Frederick Elliot (c.1855-1897)

Antoine Fauchery (1823-1861)

Reverend John Fereday (1813-1871) Episcopalian clergyman, George Town

Paul Foelsche (1831-1914) 1870s, Police Inspector

Alexander Fox, Victoria

Freeman Brothers Sydney

George Freeman, Adelaide

Frederick Frith (1819-1871)

Edwin Haviland visiting Sydney

William Hetzer

>Louisa Elizabeth How (1821-1893). Sydney

Robert Hunt (1830-1892) Sydney

William S. Jevons (1835-1882) Sydney

Douglas T. Kilburn

Andrew MacGlashan (w.1854-1860s) visiting Melbourne

Richard T. Maurice (1859-1909)

Louisa Anne Meredith in Hobart

Charles Nettleton, Melbourne (1826—1902)

Bishop Francis Nixon,Tasmanian amateur photographer,

Fred North, Challenger Expidition.

A.B. (Banjo) Paterson

George Perry (w.1855-1897) Melbourne

Charles Pickering (w, 1856-1870s) Sydney

Paul Ricochet (Tas) 1861

William Saville-Kent (d.1908)

Alfred Selwyn's -daguerreotypes- the Geological Survey of Victoria 1854

John Sharp (w.1855-1865) hobart with Frith

James Shaw (1815-1881) Adelaide

John Smith (1821-1885) Sydney University

Baldwin Spencer

Alfred H. Stone (1801-1873) Perth Solicitor

Charles Walter (w.1864-1874) Victoria from Mecklenberg Germany

Charles Wilkinson (1843-1891) (and Bayliss)






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