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Papers, articles, essays and research documents - various links


Oswald Ziegler and the commercial application of contemporary Australian Photography in the mid Twentieth Century, Eric Riddler 1990

Sublime Souls & Symphonies   ~   Australian PhotoTexts 1926–1966,  Eric Riddler 1993

NATURALISM and the establishment of photography as an artform in mid-century Australia, Danielle Rossi 1998

Landscape of Virtue:The Life and Work of Photographer Wesley Stacey – Ziv Cohen 2003

Road Work Ahead- A study of road photography in Australia, Belinda Hungerford 2010

Deeper Feeling, Wider Vision, a 1996 thesis by Philip Bentley on Group M photographers (Moggs Creek Clickers)

Developing Photography: A History of the Australian Centre for Photography 1973-2013, Toby Meagher, June 2013

In Memoriam:  Peter E. Palmquist 1936-2003 

Gael Newton's papers and research

George W Bell: Australian photographer and painter - member of Group M (in Melbourne)

Harold Cazneaux - special presentation

Occasionally through the viewfinder: a consideration of Geoffrey Powell’s photography (PDF) Craig Hoehne 2006

A Biography on Geoffrey Powell (PDF) Craig Hoehne 2006

A STORY of The STORY: Correspondence between Jack Cato and Keast Burke, Gael Newton, Photofile, Autumn 1984

Jack Cato 1889 – 1971: Ian Cosier's 1980 Thesis on Jack Cato - adapted for online 2020


Research Papers by Robert Deane:

Foreign Influences in Australian photography 1938-80  A lecture delivered at APSCON, Canberra, 10th October 2000

Photography in Search of The Bible In conjunction with the National Gallery of Australia's Exhibition: Revealing the Holy Land. 1998

Colour photography in the Asia Pacific region

Camera Work: 1903 - 1917  Celebration of 100 years since the establishment of this important journal



a series of previously hard copy books republished online


photo-web special exhibitions and portfolios

Shapoor Bhedwar: A web page for information on Shapoor Bhedwar, the parsi pictorialist photographer

Carol Jerrems: articles, essays and papers on Carol Jerrem's photography by various writers

Wesley Stacey - special presentation of an Australian photographer

Pictorialism  Links to reearch/ papers on pictorialism

Australian Pictorialists - Gael Newton, 1979

Asian Pacific Photography - a special website for asian pacific photography - with links to collections

The Alice Stilling album

Keast Burke 1896 - 1974

Henry Beaufoy Merlin and The American and Australasian Photographic Company

The Hanson Albums: an important Adelaide family

A Book About Australian Women

Photographic Processes: Glossary from Shades of Light






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