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photographer, photo historian, editor of the Australian Photo-Review


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Keast Burke (1896-1974)

Photographer and distinguished photographic historian, Keast Burke was editor of Kodak's Australasian Photo-Review later becoming the first Australian editor of Australian Photography (1961-69).

He was photographic consultant to the National Library of Australia from 1964 until his death and contributed greatly to the preservation of Australian photographic history.

Keast re-discovered the 19th century photography collection of Beaufoy Merlin, B O Holtermann and Charles Bayliss.

This collection became known as the Holtermann Collection although the title does not accurately describe its provenance.

In 1953, based on extensive research on the collection, Keast published three articles in the Australasian Photo-Review under the tile of Gold and Silver, the title of the book he was to publish years later.


A.P.-R. #3, 1953
focussed on
Beaufoy Merlin
A.P.-R. #5, 1953
focussed on
B O Holtermann
A.P.-R.#7, 1953
focussed on
Charles Bayliss

GOLD AND SILVER: An Album of Hill End and Gulgong Photographs from the Holtermann Collection

Keast Burke 1973

A booklet produced with Keast Burke's photographs
of the construction of the Sydney harbour Bridge 1925-1932

The program from the Kodak Australasia Pty Ltd,

'A Dinner Tendered to Keast Burke Upon the Occasion of His Retirement',
Sydney, 30 Mar 1960


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