Shades of Light: Photography and Australia 1839-1988
Gael Newton, 1988
Australian National Gallery, Collins
218 p
with essays by Helen Ennis and Chris Long


Silver and Grey:
fifty years of Australian photography 1900 - 1950,
Gael Newton, 1980
Angus and Robertson, Sydney.
120 b/w photos and biographies on 35 photographers.

Australian Pictorial Photography.
A Survey of art photography from 1898 to 1938.
Gael Newton, 1979
Organised by the Art Ga
llery of New South Wales, Sydney.

The Book of The Anzac Memorial, New South Wales, 1934
With images by Cecil Bostock and Harold Cazneaux
Fever Pitch, 1995
Text by Tracey Moffatt and Gael Newton
A BOOK about Australian Women, Outback Press 1974
Photographs by Carol Jereems
Self-Portrait / Self-Image, 1980-1981


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