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Oswald Ziegler and the commercial application of contemporary Australian Photography
in the mid Twentieth Century

Eric Riddler 1990


Appendix One: Chronological List of Ziegler Productions


Books, pamphlets and programmes published by Oswald Ziegler Publications or prepared by the company ’s staff.


1928:   Review Of The Lower North Of South Australia, The Land Of The Golden Grain.

1929:   Vines And Orchards Of The Garden State. (South Austalia)

1934:   One Hundred Years In Victoria.
            Victoria’s One Hundred Eventful Years.

1936:   Victorian And Melbourne Centenary Celebrations, 1934-1935.

1937:   150 Years In Australia.
            Diamond Jubilee Of Manly

1938:   Romance In Paradise. (New South Wales)
            150 Years! Australia 1788-1938.
            Greetings From The City Of Sydney, Australia, 1788-1938.

1939:   Blue Mountains.

1940:   Soul Of A City. (Sydney)

1945:   Water For The Thirsty Inland. (Snowy Mountains Scheme)

1946:   This Is Australia.
            Goulburn, Queen City Of The South.

1947:   This Is Australia.
            Stirling Henry Ltd, A Story Of Progress.
            Newcastle, 150 Years.
            This Is My Home. (Newcastle)
            Newcastle’s 150th Anniversary.
            Brisbane, Queensland’s Capital
            British Empire Exhibition Pamphlet (Royal Agricultural Society)
            Australian Photography 1947

1948:   Goulburn, Queen City Of The South
            Men May Smoke. (2/18 Bn. A.I.F. Magazine)
            100 Grand United Years. (Grand United Order Of Oddfellows)
            Australian Photography 1947.

1949:   Valley Of The Winds. (Coolah)
            Brisbane, Queensland’s Capital.

1950:   Commonwealth Of Australia Jubilee 1901-1951.

1951:   Commonwealth Of Australia Jubilee. (Pamphlet)
            The Penfold Story
            Soul Of A City. (Sydney)

1952:   Royal Visit 1952. (Pamphlet)
            Vale Of Gloucester.

1953:   Soul Of A City. (Sydney)

1954:   Royal Visit 1954. (Pamphlet)
            Official Souvenir Programme – The Royal Visit To New South Wales.
            The Royal Visit To New South Wales.
            Music For A Hundred Years. (Palings)

1955:   Me Too-. (Royal Visit)
            Coonamble Centenary 1855-1955.
            Parramatta Pageant.

1956:   Kyogle 1839-1956.
            Snowy Saga.
            The Australian Merino.

1957:   This Is Australia.
            Brisbane City In The Sun.
            Australian Photography 1957.

1958:   Symphony On A City. (Newcastle)
            Gold Coast.

1959:   Brisbane 1859-1959.
            Goulburn, Gateway To The South.
            Randwick 1859-1959.
            Penfolds Wines Tempe Cellars.
            The Vintner’s Story. (Penfolds Wines)

1960:   New South Wales, State Of Prosperity.
            Orange 1860-1960
            Snowy Saga.

1961:    Family And Properties Of Edward Seymour Shaw (Sutherland Council Figure)
            Canberra A.C.T.
            The Principles Of Modern Milking.
            A Toast, Your Health! (Tucker & Co. Wines)C.1950

1962:   Soul Of A City. (Sydney)
            The Australian Bushland.
            The First Century. (United Insurance)

1963:   Maitland 1863-1963.
            Sublime Vision. (Wollongong)

1964:   Australia From The Dawn Of Time To The Present Day.

1965:   Life At The Cross.

1966:   Canberra

1967:   The World and Australia.
            New Zealand.

1968:   We’re In Business. (Sydney Chamber Of Commerce)

1970:   Australia 200, 1770-1970.

1972:   The First Fifty Years. (Bankers & Traders’ Insurance)
            The World And South East Asia.

1973:   The World And South East Asia.
            Sydney Builds An Opera House.
             The Fabulous House That We Built

1974:   Sydney Has An Opera House.
            This is Sydney.

1975:   This is Sydney.
            The Penfold Story.

1976:   Australia 1901-1976.
            This is Sydney.
            Randwick 1859-1976.

1977:   E II R, 25 Years.



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Appendices: Zeigler Publications  / Photographers  /  Library & Collection   /  Designers Artists  /  Illustrations, Bibliography, Resources

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This 2020 online version of Eric Riddler's thesis has been adapted from a copy of Eric's 1990 thesis as submitted for Fine Arts IV Thesis University of Sydney. This is not the thesis as submitted and includes amendments,edits, reformatting and updated information. The copyright for this paper is retained by the author.

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