Henry Beaufoy Merlin
1830 - 1873

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Merlin' s Carte de Visites


a small collection of Merlin CDVs


Most likley in and around Sydney - but it could also be a New South Wales regional township. Merlin, as the American and Australasian Photographic Company, toured through many of these photographing them extensively. It is not the usual Merlin image in that he has not lined up the owners of the businesses in front of the buildings. It is more a view of the city landscape. I suspect the figure leaning in the fence is the camera assistant.
I would guess either located in Sydney or a regional New South Wales town. But this time Merlin is right on formula! He has lined up staff and others in front. This was done to increase te number of potential sales.
Most likely an inner Sydney street about 1870. Merlin took many 'landscape' photographs around the streets of Sydney. Where possible he would have ensured that there were people from the shop in the photograph in order to ensure sales of the images.
Another Merlin gem depicting the shop owner and his shop.
Given the Little Collins Street address in Melbourne, and Sandy Barrie's research, this would have been taken by Merlin and Bayliss in the years, 1869 - 1870, before they set forth into New South Wales. Therefore it is most likely a Melbourne or Victorian country residence.
Given the inclusion of both their Melbourne and the new Sydney studio addresses on the rear, I am speculating that this was taken in 1870 during their journies through the major towns of regional New South Wales. They have managed to get the women of the house out in front in their Sunday best. Also note the change of name on the back to now include Australasian in place of Australia - as Merlin moves to have a more decorative back claiming international connections for the A&A.
Taken by the A&A out of their George Street, Sydney studio. This places it in the period 1870 - 1872. (Sandy Barrie). Therefore the homestead is most likely located around Sydney or one of the New South Wales regional towns. The back is the final version of Merlin's studio CDV back - which portays the national and international scope of the company - or this is what Merlin would have had his clients believe.

Sydney Exhibition Building 1870, Beaufoy Merlin. What a great image! Capturing street life as well as a moment in the life around this significant and short lived building.



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