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James Francis Hurley 1885 - 1962

the Australiana books of Captain Frank Hurley

Hurley images from John Sands' Australiana Books 
Circa 1948 - 1962

Hurley's photographic style was set quite early on. His views and narrative photographic style was very much a product of his early experiences dating right back to the early 1900s before he ventured into the Antarctic.  Frank Hurley did not pick up on the 1930s and later aesethic  movements in image making which underpinned later modern photo-journalism and other modern styles.

Having said that, there are traces within Hurley's images of several styles such a modernism and pictorialism. But Hurley's narrative style was what he stuck to for his life's work and along the way there were touches of various movements within his enormous collection of photographs. He was indeed prolific. He was the photographic showman!

Several of the books were re-published with the new editions. Hurley would update the new editions with new images and/or re-sort some images. Hurley would sometimes include earlier images, would do combination images using images from earlier sources and of course, he would always draw on his image bank of clouds to add drama to a scene.

Some later editions of Hurley's books were published by John Sands after his death in 1962.

The images on these pages are in the majority from this series of books, but we have inserted a couple of related images from other sources, sometimes from earlier decades, such as from the Australasian Magazine 1939..We will be uploaded new images from time to time. This collection is very much a work in progress!

We have gathered some of Frank's images within the photo-web collections

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