Group M and the Moggs Creek Clickers



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Primary Sources



Group M Archives in possession of Albert Brown: Correspondence, catalogues and reviews—an incomplete collection 1963-1972.

Moggs Creek Clickers Photo Album in the possession of John Johnson.


Audio tape interviews with:

George Bell, John Bolton, Albert Brown, John Crook, Peter Davis, Celine Hampson, John Johnson, Roy McDonald, Fred Mosse, Cliff Restarick, Wolfgang Sievers, Harry Youlden and Bell, Brown and Crook.



Age 1963, 1987.

Australian Photo Digest (Sydney) 1963.

Australian Popular Photography (Sydney) 1962-1969.

Bulletin (Sydney) 1963, 1965

Lot's Wife (Melbourne) 1964-67.

Professional Photography (renamed IAP in mid-60s) (Melbourne) 1959-1968.

Quarterly Clack (Melbourne) 1955-1960.

The Sun (Melbourne) 1963.



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Secondary Sources



Photofile (Sydney) 1990-1995.



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