Wesley Stacey
an introduction,   some texts & CV

Images of Wesley Stacey at home,at work and with friends


#90 - 18 & 19
Wesley Stacey at home, 2003, on the Far South Coast of New South wales, Australia.
Photography by Robert Ashton.




#90 - 20
Wesley Stacey at work in Central Australia in 1988.
Photography by Narelle Perroux.


#90 - 21
Wesley Stacey with Oyzo at Quartz Trigg in the Tarami Desert 1988.
photography by Narelle Perroux.

#90 - 22
(right to left)
John Szarksowski, Lawrence Le Guay,
Wesley Stacey on Sydney Harbour, 1974.
Photography by David Moore.
#90 - 23
(right to left)
Guboo Ted thomas, Jack Campbell,
Wesley Stacey
at the travelling exhibition site
'Mumbulla - Spiritual - Contact'
on Capital Hill Canberra in 1978.
Photography by Graeme Ward.