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photo # D01

# D01: photographer/date unknown - possibly early 1900s Australia

Mount 10cm (height) X 12.5cm

Photograph is in good condition - mat is slightly damaged.  Price: $120


photo # D02

# D02: CDV - 10 x 6 cm - UK - Coventry

Photograph is in good condition - light tones. Price: $80


photo # D03

# D03: CDV - 10 x 6 cm - Wangaratta (Australia)

Photograph is in good condition - light tones. Price: $120


photo # D04

# D04: CDV - 10 x 6.5 cm - Belcher/ Port Adelaide (Australia)

The photograph is in excellent condition - very good tones. Price: AUS $200



The next two CDVs come from the Hanson family of Adelaide circa 1860s.

Sir Richard Davies Hanson (6 December 1805 – 4 March 1876), was the fourth Premier of South Australia, from 30 September 1857 until 8 May 1860, and was a Chief Judge from 20 November 1861 until 4 March 1876 on the Supreme Court of South Australia, which is the highest ranking court in the Australian State of South Australia.

The photographer: Townsend Duryea (1823 – 13 December 1888) and his brother Sanford Duryea (22 February 1833 – 20 March 1903, see below) were American-born photographers who provided South Australians with invaluable images of life in the early Colony. Their parents were Ann Bennett Duryea (1795–1882),[2] and Hewlett K. Duryea (1794–1887), a land agent, possibly a member of the family well known for starch manufacture in Glen Cove (often reported as "Glencoe"), Long Island, in New York City.

Photo # D05 has damage to all four corners - but the image is in good condition - with good tones.

Photo # D06 is in good condition with slight indents to the edges - the tone is slightly light.

The two photographs are being sold as a pair: AUS$220


photo # D05 photo # D06

# D05: Dogie Ida (Hanson family dog)

CDV - 8 x 5 cm - Duryea/ Adelaide (Australia)

# D06:  Mrs Hanson with Dogie Ida

CDV: 9.5 x 6 cm Blank Back - most likely Adelaide (Australia)






photo # D07

# D07 William Hetzer, Sydney

Professional photographer, was a German who ran a studio in Sydney with his wife,Thekla, in Sydney from 1850 to 1867.
He was engaged by the New South Wales commissioners to depict the monuments of the growing colony. For more - click here.

Priced to reflect the importance of the photographer as one of Sydney's earliest photographic Studios - AUS $550





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